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 281.469.5323 Fallbrook                    Heights 713.869.6300

A bit of Texas trivia from Mr. BBQ

"The world's first rodeo took place in Pecos in July, 1883"

LENT begins Wednesday 3/1 

Grilled or Fried Fish Platter with 2 Side Orders

Fish Sandwich with 1 Side Order

Veggie Plates

Baked Potatoes & Salad

OUR RODEO FEATURE... Kind of like our greatest hits!

A plate of Chicken Fried Steak, Sliced Beef, Smoked Sausage (spicy or mild) ), with 2 Side Orders 

(It's OK to substitute from our list of 6 additional different meats)

GOING TEXAN at the office Friday 3/3

We've got hot Texas meals, sure to please, without bustin' the budget; call us. 

 SPEAKING OF HORSES... Live racing of Thoroughbreds, Camels & Ostriches too, at Sam Houston Race Park

Always a good time, just 2 furlongs from Hickory Hollow-Fallbrook. Stop in for a bite!



"A good cause while having fun"  Details at

Enjoy Hickory Hollow-Heights along your way! Click on the FUN STUFF-VIDEOS Tab to watch how we prepare your favorites.

alt Thanks for almost 40 years!